Good girl?


I am Denise. I have a problem! I'm not sure whether I'm a good girl or a bad girl. The situation is neither black nor white. So I have decided to be both! I will be good when you want me to be good and I will be really bad when you want me to be bad! You see I have only one mission in mind and that is to please you, Gentlemen. I like what I do and I like to drive men crazy. I want to be the best. You can be the judge!

I'm based in Zurich, Switzerland, but you can meet me in London, Monaco, Nice, New York, Dubai or anywhere internationally. The choice is yours.

Bad girl?


I am fluent in several languages. I have excellent social skills. I can be your girlfriend in a restaurant by the dinner and your devoted, seductive lover in the bedroom.

I have only one request from you. You have to be polite and have very high hygiene standards. If you adhere to this little request, then I will do the very best for you. Check out my site.

Take a really careful look at my photos which I hope you find more than interesting!! You will see that I can be nice, I can be erotic, I can be exciting but most importantly I will be what you want me to be. Just ask, that's all. Tell me what you want. Don't be shy! Be explicit! All I want to do is to please you.




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